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Welcome to Marriott's Upholstery!  We have proudly been in the Newark, Ohio area for the past forty years.  We offer personalized attention to the leisure and professional upholstery business and will do our best to tend to your needs.  We specialize in commercial , medical, marine upholstery. 

We work with a large variety of Restaurants, Hotels, Hospital, Medical facility's, Boat Dealers, & the Commercial- Industrial (factory's) to provide our clients with the best custom upholstery on the market.

We specialize in custom work designed to fit your needs. 

 Call us at 740-522-2628 to begin your project today!

Boat seats
Patio furniture cushions
Living room sofas
Restaurant seating
Show car seating
Marriott boat covers
Antique furniture

    Motorcycle seats
Bill Marriott